Crafting a Career in Theatre

Monica Moore

  • New Zealand Columnist

Surrounding yourself with like minded people can help you become the best version of yourself.

Hamish McGregor, 33, credits this as a key to being able to turn his love of ‘all things theatre’ into a career.

“This business is a hard game of hustle and you need close friends who are also in the business to encourage, critique and show up for each other and this helps immensely.”

“I started in Children’s theatre around the age of 8. I was my happiest when I was involved in theatre so I continued with both performance and taking classes,”  he said.

Hamish is a very reflective person and it is clear that he thinks hard about how he crafts his pathway as a professional theatre practitioner.

When questioned about his plans as a singer, Hamish is coy about his exceptional singing voice that he has quite a reputation for.

“I’m keen to fill the backpack with as many skills as possible as I develop my own ‘brand’ as a theatre professional.” 

Since moving  to Auckland  3 ½ years ago Hamish has been busy performing, acting, writing and directing. He has also been teaching of musical theatre in courses around the country.

Within 4 days of arriving he had landed a part in a show and he hasn’t looked back since. 

A trained teacher, Hamish considers himself fortunate to be able to teach as one of his streams of income. He loves being in the classroom and as he says “I’ve never really left school’. He believes his teaching career has supported his theatrical one in more ways than just financial. 

“You have to be able to read people well and work with a variety of personalities and in sometimes potentially stressful situations. Children have taught me a lot about this. They are the real deal.”

Hamish is currently directing Avenue Q in Southland and this will be his 4th directing job this year.

Avenue Q is one of his favourite shows and he considers himself fortunate to have already directed it once before in Auckland.

“This show is quite different to the one in Auckland and that was deliberate.”

Hamish believes that no two shows should be the same.

“The people and the venues are very different. I have designed a fresh new set to suit the venue and excitement is mounting as opening night looms as the incredible cast from around the world is super talented.”

I for one, am very excited about seeing this show.

Avenue Q Gore Music Theatre November 10-19th. Tickets from iticket