You're a F*#king Superstar

Chris Peterson

  • OnStage Founder

You're going to think I'm nuts, but the best thing that could happen to you is having your heart-broken. Sometimes it's good to have your trust in someone shattered. Because if it never happens, how will you know how to battle back?

Recently, there have been friends and colleagues who I thought I could trust, who I thought I had a great relationship with, who I thought respected me as much as I respected them, but I found out that clearly that wasn't the case.

It really hurts when that happens. It's supposed to. However, if you're not using this moment as a learning experience for next time, then you're doing yourself a disservice.

There have been times in my life where I thought it just couldn't get any worse. Like the time I was fired from my job. Even though I hated the job, I still sobbed in my car on the way home. There was the time I found out that I wouldn't be able to graduate with the rest of my friends because of my own laziness. Finally, the times where I thought I was truly alone.

I can assume that many of you reading this have gone through similar situations. Rather than telling you that it "gets better" or that the "sun always rises", I'm just going to tell you one thing: You're a f*cking superstar.

A lot of people will tell you that having an ego is a bad thing. I believe it's only a bad thing when you broadcast it to put down others. But if you want to strut, throw some dirt off your shoulder, because it makes you feel better, go on and do it. Why? Because you're a f*cking superstar.

If your friend betrays your trust or breaks your heart. Forget about them. De-Friend on Facebook and move on. Your abilities of being a friend are too valuable to be wasted on these people. You're going to be an amazing friend to those who you can trust and value you. Why? Because you're a f*cking superstar.

If you're being bullied in school, remember the names of those bullying you, this way you'll be sure not to thank them in your Tony acceptance speech. Or do thank them because they inspired you to keep climbing. Why? Because you're a f*cking superstar.

You are the only power that needs to be. Never ever let someone make you feel less than. If you do that, then you're letting them win.

If the past year has shown me anything, it's that there are far more important things to worry about than letting those who want to bring you down succeed in their mission. You're too amazing.

So if you're hurting right now for whatever reason, dry your tears. Learn from this. Throw your shoulders back, chin up and blast your favorite music Why? Because you're a f*cking superstar.