Nurturing Our Future Thespians

Monica Moore

  • New Zealand Columnist

There is something for everyone when communities come together in the spirit of support and in this case, a love of theatre. It is extra special when it's dedicated to promoting the talents of young people, the creators of the future.

Last night I attended a theatre awards evening specifically for secondary schools.

It's a pleasure observing young people dressed up 'academy awards style' immersed in the environment, bright-eyed and growing from the experience of belonging to this night. Well known super-talented celebrities Tina Cross and Jennifer Ward Lealand gave their time to present the awards, generous in their good will and belief in supporting the future. They added glamour and style as excellent role models.


The atmosphere ignited the spirit in one and all.

The excited verbal vibrance of the crowd, the cheering, the laughter; all positive and exciting experiences.

The hard work that the people behind the scenes put into making this night happen must be recognised. People like them are the true super stars of the evening.

The organisation of judges to attend 32 productions across 28 secondary schools is immense. The planning of the actual night; creating a glamorous atmosphere, booking a a professional to host the evening, backstage management...on and on it goes.

Sky City Theatre is a glamorous venue in the heart of Auckland, a city with a population of 1.4million. It is no easy feat collaborating with all the schools and even getting the committee together to meet and organise this fabulous event.

Bravo to the Claire Buckley and her Showdown Committee and iTicket for their sponsorship!!
On a personal level, 'The Great Adventure' from Monica Moore Productions received EIGHT nominations and WON best male soloist with a song that I'd adapted from one of our Murder Mystery Shows and included as a last minute addition. Sometimes the snap decisions are the best ones! The song was sung in the show by the very talented Tevita Po'ese. A very good day indeed!

Photo: New Canaan High School