10 Musical Theatre Songs to Help You through Finals Mood Swings

Sarah Elizabeth Ferguson

  • OnStage Connecticut Columnist

As college students know all too well, December is truly a month of madness. There are final exams to study for, friends to say goodbye to and so much more. For theatre majors and minors especially, you tend to run around like a chicken with its head cut off for most of the month. You’ve got 2 monologues, 4 scenes, and 2 dances to memorize, not to mention studying for your core academic finals as well. Needless to say, us theatre kids tend to go through quite a lot of mood swings. To help, I’ve comprised a list of musical theatre show tunes that will help with any mood you may be in.

Feeling: Down on your luck
Song: “It Sucks to be me” from Avenue Q
Whether you’re figuring out what to do with a B.A. in English or just haven’t had a date in a while, this song covers it all! This song helps me with the mood swings that come from spending too much time with my roommates, too many nights locked inside studying, and when you’re feeling like your degree just might not be worth it. “It Sucks to be me” is sure to bring a smile to your face and break you out of any exam slump you might be falling into!

Feeling: In Love
Song: “A Million Miles Away” from Aladdin
Maybe you have been on a date, and you think you’ve finally found “the one”. If that’s the case then go you! You’re sure to have those moments where you find yourself just thinking about your significant other and that goofy smile comes on your face! Luckily, I have just the song for you to express those feelings! “A Million Miles Away” provides the perfect lovey-dovey buzz that you’re looking for!

Feeling: Confident
Song: “I Can Do That” from A Chorus Line
Woohoo! You are feeling great about a particular exam or assignment and you want to shout it to the world! Well don’t shout (it’s bad for your voice), instead, sing it! Turn the speakers up and let yourself bathe in that happy moment where you feel like the end truly is in sight, and you can totally make it! “I Can Do That” gives you the perfect way to get all that off your chest and more!

Feeling: Sexy
Song: “Bend and Snap” from Legally Blonde
Maybe you lost the freshman fifteen? Maybe you treated yourself to a new outfit that makes you look amazing! If you’re feeling sexy, don’t let me stop you! Go ahead and let the world know how great you feel! “Bend and Snap” is a fun number that (whether you’re a girl or guy) will allow you to touch base with your feminine side!

Feeling: Rhythmic
Song: “Step in Time” from Mary Poppins
Do you ever get that urge to just snap your fingers and stomp your feet because all you want to do is jam out? No? Just me? Okay. Well I only caution you to listen to this song in an open area. Once that familiar melody hits, it’s really hard to resist moving to the beat. “Step in Time” will have you dancing all the way to that exam!

Feeling: Homework-Induced Stress
Song: “The Book Report” from You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown
Honestly this is one of my go-to studying songs. The cheerful melody puts me in a good mood, and the lyrics make me feel a lot better about the work that I’m submitting. I mean, I’d hope it would since I’m writing about Shakespeare and they’re writing about Peter Rabbit… Anyway, “The Book Report” is great to listen to during your 5-minute study break!

Feeling: Like a New Person
Song: “Pulled” from The Addams Family
Maybe you feel like you’ve grown a lot in the past semester. Maybe you’ve matured, maybe you’ve had some significant achievements. Whatever it is, you feeling like you’re a whole different person than you were last year, and why shouldn’t you sing about it? “Pulled” will leave you breathless and exhilarated as you tell the world all about the new you.

Feeling: Adventurous
Song: “One Short Day” from Wicked
What’s that? You just found out about a great new restaurant? Or maybe it’s not a restaurant, maybe you’ve moved to a new place! Your heart is racing and you want to discover every nook and cranny all at once! I get that. “One Short Day” is bursting with nearly as much excitement as you are, and listening to it can give you great ideas on what you want to do next!

Feeling: Sad
Song: “Turn It Off” from The Book of Mormon
Has something been eating at you for a while? Maybe you feel down about something that happened and try as you might, you just can’t seem to let it go. Whenever I feel like that “Turn It Off” not only gets me in a better mood, but it makes me appreciate the good parts of my situation, and it’s great for when you just want to tell your brain to shut up and focus.

Feeling: Like a Boss
Song: “Master of the House” from Les Miserables
You feel like the king of the world sometimes and are surrounded by all your friends who love you. You’re hyped and you just want a tune to tell everyone about how freaking amazing you are. “Master of the House” perfectly sums up how you’re feeling, and come on, who needs an excuse to listen to Les Miserables?