My Favorite Musical Characters

Natalie Solomon

There are some characters we hate to love. Then there are characters we love to hate. However, my favorite characters in a show are the ones we simply love to love. These five people are some of the most lovable characters in musical theatre. Enjoy!

Tracy Turnblad – “Hairspray”

This, positive, confident leading lady quickly became a role model for girls everywhere. Not only is she one of the few heavy-set stars of the stage, but she’s self-assured; not once did she “settle” for anything less than what she wanted. Tracy loves herself, she loves life, and she loves everyone around her. She is a huge instigator for racial equality in the show, even when it puts her in danger. Her penchant for doing the right thing is never-wavering, and it’s not hard to love everything about Tracy.

Willard Hewett – “Footloose”

While many see Willard as a bumbling, comedic side character, he never loses faith in best friend Ren, and his simple trust is nothing less than charming. His song “Mama Says” is another great example that, while Willard may not be the brightest crayon in the box, he has good intentions, and his redneck heart is pure.

Elle Woods – “Legally Blonde”

‘Bubbly’ is the best descriptor for this fashion-turned-law-student. Even when Elle is upset, she still manages to pervade the mood with a spark of her effervescent attitude. Even more than her fun personality, audiences love watching Elle grow in self-assurance throughout the show, learning to love herself for who she is: bubbly!

Lola – “Kinky Boots”

The lovely, beautiful, sassy Lola has become a beacon for many who feel their differences are something to be ashamed of. Lola loves who she is, completely and unabashedly, even when others do not. She helps Charlie to love who he is, and to pursue something he is truly passionate about. We could all learn a lesson from this diva!

Beth March – “Little Women”

Has there ever been a more pure, gentile, kind character? Beth may not be as boisterous as her sisters, but that doesn’t mean she should be overlooked. In fact, I believe that Beth is the strongest person in this musical. She is the peacemaker in the family (which can sometimes be the hardest job of all), and she cares about other’s problems more than her own; (spoiler!) even when dying, Beth is taking care of her sister Jo. And that is true strength.