Finding Your "Person"

Corey Cadigan

As I sit here to write this article, I am flooded with things to say about the theatre, but one pops out at me. Having graduated last May from a state college with a degree in Theatre, I find myself left in a sort of limbo. One one hand, I have this plethora of knowledge that I want to hit the boards running with- weather it’s performing, directing, producing, stage managing, costume designing, or writing; I love it all.

On the other hand, I’m forty thousand dollars in debt and know I need to work to make those loan payments. This struggle of post-grad life is more than common, but I like to think I have a leg up on getting too far from my dreams. The leg is my “person”. My former professor, Colleen.

Let me define: Your “person” is the someone you can turn to with any question/problem/issue relating to theatre. Theatre folks are fueled by emotions, so naturally, we need support for these emotions. Someone to cry on when your actors don’t know their lines. Someone to ask questions about resumes. Someone to whip you into shape when you’re being lazy. Part-Friend, Part-Fairy Godmother, All Angel. Even if we don’t speak for a few weeks, I still know I can bother her with a problem, life advice, or a meme.

It’s among these reasons that have made me realize how truly important it is for people like us to have a “person” in our life. Now she may not need to help me anymore- it’s been almost a year since she’s been contractual obligated to do so; but I am so thankful she still puts up with me.

Photo: Newbury College