I've Moved On From The Theatreworks Issue, Why Can't You?

Chris Peterson

A couple months ago I, along with a slew of other writers, commented and reported about the issue at Theatrworks New Milford of them copying set designs over a period of time. Obviously the article made some waves and led to some massive changes within the theatre group. I am happy to report that Theatrworks has made positive changes in correcting their past issues. 

Because of this, the issue in my mind is over and I've moved on. But apparently, there are some in the New Milford community who can't seem to let it go. It would seem that many of them still have a bone to pick with this theatre group. So much so, that they've been sending me creepy unmarked letters detailing their feelings about how I should go after this group even more.

Beyond the issue of this being just overall crazy and creepy, this person made the mistake of sending this to the wrong house. Instead of my address, it went to my parents house, which my parents got a kick out of once they opened it. 

But then they sent another letter. 

So, to the person who is sending me these, stop. I've moved on from this issue and so should you. Theatreworks has admitted their faults and have corrected the issue. So I don't really care anymore about it, and neither does Howard Sherman for that matter. Unless new information is uncovered, I'm done with it.

Furthermore, what you're doing by sending me these letters is downright creepy and borderline clinically insane. Not to mention, cowardly, since you won't put your name down on the letter. 

This blog isn't some sort of personal sword to be wielded to bring down others. While we have exposed and discussed issues in theatre, our intent is never to destroy lives which is what this person apparently wants us to do. 

So my message is clear, stop sending me these letters. I don't care anymore and seeing how you went about this, I really don't want to do you any favors. Either have the courage to come out and do this yourself or move on. It's sad and pitiful that you would want others to fight your battles for you.