My 5 Favorite Productions of "Cats"

Jazmin Giacomo

I admit it, I’m a big fan of “Cats” and have been since high school, since I had seen the 1998 video production. And I’ve met more people that disliked this particular musical than actually liked it or was/is in the fandom. Since Broadway announce a revival in the works, here are my top 5 favorite productions.

5. Cats (1998 Video)

My introduction into “Cats” BUT, I wish it could have been done with a slightly altered cast, and edited, much, much better; especially the bar has been raised by other musicals made a similar jump to the film screen.  

4. Original London Production

The first. The original. When the soundtrack hadn’t been fully set in stone. One of those I wish there was more, non-grainy, video of it somewhere.

3. 2004 Polish Production

An excellent eccentric hybrid reproduction/non-reproduction version. What’s not to love? (I LOVE Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer’s bellbottoms!)

2. 2007 Finnish Production 

THE definitive Non-reproduction version. I wish there was more to see of it than a short trailer and a handful of photos. The characters are so different from other versions, that besides a handful, it is hard to figure out who is what character.

1.    1999 Australian Tent Tour

Cats on tour? Check. Cats in a Big Top Tent? Double Check. Cats doing acrobatic type stuff while singing? Triple check. I love big top tents. I wish more musicals were in a big top! 

Special Mention:
Original Australian Production (1985) For having BOTH “The Battle of the Pekes and Pollicles” AND “Growltiger’s Last Stand” in the production, when others only used one or the other