Remembering BroadwayCon

Trish Befus

OnStage Calgary Columnist


It has been two months since BroadwayCon ended. When I first bought my VIP pass, the reaction was one of two.

1.    I didn’t know that was a thing.
2.    Of course you did.

I waited ten months. For many people in my life, it was a long ten months. I tried to get people to come with me, but no such luck. It was their loss. I look back on the weekend and it is filled with moments. 

So many moments.

Next year won’t be the same. Nothing will be. I don’t fit in anywhere. Ever. I have never seen any of The Lord of the Rings, any Harry Potter or any episode of Dr. Who. 

None of that mattered for a weekend.

I love Rent and [title of show] so much. Xanadu was the first show I saw on Broadway. The Submission is a script that I still talk about. I saw opening night of a David Mamet show, along with William Shatner. 

Now I get to be with people who have stories and memories that I understand.

As I eagerly await the dates for next year, I think about the moments.

  • Remember when I boarded a plane to fly from Canada to NYC for the first ever Broadwaycon?
  • Remember when I walked to the hotel the day before to do a trial run to see how long it would take me?
  • Remember when I waited in line to pick up my VIP pass?
  • Remember when we went to the Marked, I’m Marked session? 
  • Remember when I had a Sante Fe sandwich for lunch?
  • Remember when confetti went everywhere, including in all of our bags?
  • Remember when the cast of Hamilton spoke and I didn’t understand anything?
  • Remember when the Rent originals were there and it was beautiful?
  • Remember when Wilson wrote No Day But Today so my friend could get a tattoo of it?
  • Remember waiting in line to get a photo with Jon Groff?
  • Remember when he remembered me?
  • Remember when I learned he talks about me being a dedicated theatre fan?
  • Remember when we chased Rob McClure through the lobby of the Hilton?
  • Remember when NYC shut down because of a little snow?
  • Remember the phone calls that made snowmageddon amazing?
  • Remember when Jeff and Hunter came to our VIP event?
  • Remember when a tranny ate my shrimp?
  • Remember when I made “EPIC” videos about my trip?
  • Remember when Joe Iconis jumped off the stage to let me take a picture?
  • Remember when I met Melissa’s mom?
  • Remember when Seth Rudetsky signed my book and it meant so much that it made me cry?
  • Remember when I met Christopher Durang? 
  • Remember when Hunter Bell retweeted me?
  • Remember when I met Jeff Talbot and he took a photo of him and I with the photo of Jonathan Groff and I at The Submission?
  • Remember when we all sang Seasons of Love?
  • Remember when we became an US for once, instead of a them?