Summer Nights… and Days: Suggestions for Singing in the Car

Liz Vestal

OnStage Massachusetts Columnist


With the warmer weather settling in, though not as quickly here in Massachusetts as I’d like, it’s fast approaching the time of year when you jump in the car, roll the windows down and belt out your favorite song. It’s like singing in the shower; everyone sounds like Idina Menzel or Bryan Stokes Mitchel when singing in the car.

Not everyone has the confidence to belt with the windows open while random strangers listen and potentially judge. Start small. Sing while jogging- if you’re anything like me you’re too winded from the exercise that your voice isn’t much more than a whisper. Sing while mowing the lawn- the sound of the mower will help drown you out until you have more confidence. When you’re ready to take the summer-time sounds to the next level here are my favorites to belt. What are yours?

Best female solo- I’m a fan of the classics so “If I Were a Bell” is belted a lot. If you’re looking for something more modern, “Forget About the Boy” from Thoroughly Modern Millie works well. Especially if you’ve recently suffered a break-up. And if you have, forget about the boy! 

Best flip-flop number- “Agony” from Into the Woods for females. It’s just fun AND you can really have fun while singing it. For men try “Someday” from Memphis. And if you can find a few others to serve as your backup singers/dancers all the better. 

Best duet/group number- Of course “Something Good” is on this list. It’s a wonderful power-of-female-friendships song. I would also add “Leave Me Alone” from Sideshow. It gives you the chance to yell and take out some aggressions. Which you shouldn’t have ‘cause it’s summer but just in case. A wonderful all-male duet (besides Agony- see above) is “Lily’s Eyes” from The Secret Garden. It’s not an easy number so I’d recommend saving it for August/September when you’ve practiced all summer. As for a big group number, “You Can’t Stop the Beat” is super catchy. Seriously. Listen to that song and TRY to keep your hips from moving.

Best to brighten your day- “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life” Extra bonus points if you can sing with the British accent…and whistle.