Believe in Tomorrow, Because You're an Actor and That Is What We Do.

Chris Peterson

  • OnStage Founder & Editor-in-Chief
  • Twitter: @CMPeterson81

It really sucks. I know. It's been a terrible day, week, month, season. You're busted your butt, worked harder than you ever have before, and still, you've been rejected time and time again. 

You might be thinking this is the last straw. Obviously someone, somewhere is sending you a message that this business isn't for you. It's time to give up.

But you won't. You're not going to pack it up. You're not going to stop pursuing your passion. Why? Because you're an actor and the ability to deal with this much rejection is what makes us special.

Intestinal fortitude isn't something that's trained or obtained in a BFA degree. It's something inside that drew you to acting in the first place. It's not supposed to be easy. 

Every single person your see on a stage, on a television screen or in the movies felt exactly the way you are now. But they didn't give up and neither should you. 

And when you do succeed, it will only be more fulfilling because of the journey it took to get there. 

Yes, today sucks. But tomorrow will be better. You know you believe that. Now go out and crush it.