We Will Never Be Satisfied: Deconstructing Disappointment in the 2016 Tony Nominations

Amanda Mueller

  • OnStage New Jersey Columnist

Tony nomination day is always a day for people to show just how maniacal and protective they are over their favorite shows.  I say that with lots of love and experience because I, too, watch the nomination broadcast with high hopes and sometimes, major letdowns. I get upset, I overthink the Tony voters’ decisions, and I sulk for a solid ten minutes.

And then I am grateful.

The Broadway community is my favorite group of people for a number of reasons.  This is an art form that highlights the most talented of performers, writers, crew members, etc. Each part of the production is filled with the most talented people in their field.  That is incredible!

We have so much to be thankful for when it comes to the shows that have been produced this past season, so it seems a little bit silly that so many Broadway fans are actively complaining and condemning the Tony Awards because a certain person or production was not nominated.

Now, I am not saying I myself have not experienced disappoint with the nominee choices this year, but we have more to celebrate than to condemn.  This season brought us Hamilton, a show that has broken the record of Tony nominations with a grand total of sixteen! SIXTEEN! Not only that, but this show is a show that celebrates diversity with brilliant minds behind it all. 

This season we also saw the first ever wheelchair using actor in a show that also told a story in American Sign Language and English. Amazing!

I am so proud of the Broadway community for being so inclusive this season.  These people, people who were never given this many opportunities in the past, are becoming the face of Broadway and are being celebrated for their talent, ambition, and passion.  

My message to the Broadway community is this: I am so proud to be able to witness the art you have created.  You are creating art on BROADWAY for the world to enjoy and appreciate it, and you should be proud of yourselves.  

Congratulations to all nominees and to all who get to live out their dreams eight shows a week in the greatest community in the world.

Let us know what your thoughts on the nominations are!