How will you celebrate the Tony Awards?

Liz Turner

  • OnStage New York Columnist

With less than two weeks approaching till the 70th annual Tony Awards, everyone is buzzing around with anticipation! In reading various predictions online about winners, presenters and performances, I then became curious as to how the active theater enthusiasts across the globe will celebrate the Tonys? 

Will you dress up and go to a swanky party in the city? Will you stand outside of the Beacon Theatre watching the Red Carpet? Will you host your own intimate party, and rent a big screen tv, larger than your apartment?  Will you be trying to sneak in parts during your intense rehearsals for Summerstock? Or will you be on the West Coast or in Europe like myself streaming it online with champagne until the wee hours of the morning?

I want to hear all your thoughts, on how you will celebrate the Tony Awards this year! The Oscars and Grammys go all out for celebrating, why don’t we for the Tonys? In theater, we have a lot to celebrate this year, in this groundbreaking year of theatrical achievements.

Theater lovers from across the country and the world will come together to celebrate the achievements in theater this year. Whether you have performed on Broadway or only in your local community theater, we can all collectively come together to celebrate theater accomplishments worldwide. 

How will you celebrate the 2016 Tony Awards?