Theatre is the BEST vehicle to develop confidence

Monica Moore 

  • OnStage New Zealand Columnist

Confidence is the single most significant skill we need to project our best self into the world. Theatre is the single most effective means to develop confidence. We need to be able to confidently communicate, find our path, our place and make our mark in the universe.

Every parent gazes at their newborn wanting them to have the best opportunities, to be the happiest, the most satisfied and make the most of their talents whilst having successful and meaningful relationships.

Who doesn’t want to be able to stand with pride and speak with confidence?

Through understanding non-verbal communication and learning how to react accordingly, we learn to develop effective interactions with the world.

Being part of valuable theatre experiences, learning the techniques and understanding the rationale behind those techniques, leads to EMPOWERMENT. 

Skills of voice projection, articulation, pitch and tone all help us to express and contribute our unique and important self to the world.

This isn’t about becoming a famous actor or entertainer. It’s about being our authentic best. We all want that.

It’s great if you also have talent and a potential career in the theatre world but that is just one aspect, part of a much bigger holistic plethora of significant experiences.

What better way to learn life skills by simply playing the roles of other people, by being in a comfort of a chorus surrounded by others attempting to move to the left or the right, standing straight, head up, jazz hands in place and big smile hiding the terror that you might be the one who steps the wrong way. You got it right, your confidence grows and you feel more empowered.

Great directors will guide and support you, fellow cast members will encourage and support and share, tech teams will make you look better.

You arrive at the destination of your unique best self. 

The skills learned take you from being a key player in creating a story on stage to a key player in creating your own story in life. 

All children should be involved in positive theatre experiences and all educators should have full understanding of the broader and key life skills taught through theatre technique and experience. All the world is a stage and through theatre we learn to ‘be’. Support theatre education, community theatre, heck all theatre!

Fly that Flag.

Photo: California Music Theatre