From Theatre Fan to Youtube Star - How The "Tyler Mount Vlog" Became a Must-Watch

Chris Peterson

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There is no doubt that we are living in an age where stardom can come from those who use new media to their advantage. "Vlogging" or video-blogging has become a very popular tool with the increased accessibility and visibility of Youtube, Snapchat and Instagram.

One such person who has truly mastered this idea is Tyler Mount, who has created a Broadway vlog that has become a must watch weekly event. 

Rather than go the traditional route of Q&A, which anyone could do, Mr. Mount opts to play fun party style games with his guests. Whether it's playing Lie Detector with Something Rotten's Rob McClure to Marry, Cuddle, Kill with Lesli Margherita to Truth or Dare with Gloria Estefan, Mr. Mount has created an incredibly fun experience for not only his guests, but his audience as well. 

Not every episode has a guest, so in these entries Mr. Mount talks about his own performing experiences, gives advice and pep talks to viewers and gives 3 minute rundowns of shows(his Legally Blonde one is particularly fantastic)

I spoke with a fan of his who said that, "He makes us feel we're right in the room with them. I look forward to every single new episode."

So who is Tyler Mount? Where did the idea for the vlog come from? I had a chance to speak with Mr. Mount and get to know how he went from a theatre fan to a Youtube Broadway Star. 

CP: Where did the idea for your vlog come from?

TM: My vlog was started and has grown into what it has today by complete and total accident. My friend Yasmin, now my full-time Director of Photography, visited the city and we filmed ourselves doing absolutely nothing in my living room one night. After we edited it for our own personal viewing, we decided to put it online. It went viral within our social circles overnight, and I started producing weekly, low-budget episodes that only myself and my parents watched. At the time I was working with Gloria Estefan on her Broadway musical, On Your Feet. She asked to be a guest, and the rest is history. I have been producing The Tyler Mount Vlog, the best place to cuddle, giggle, and gossip with Broadway’s biggest stars ever since. 

CP: Obviously with the popularity of your vlog, your visibility in the Broadway community has increased dramatically. What has surprised you the most so far? 

TM: I honestly have to say that I never began producing the vlog for fame or notoriety. I did it because I genuinely loved doing it. I try to be my own, unapologetic self every single second we are filming. What surprised me the most on this journey is simply how many people identify with me. When I represented Playbill at this year’s BroadwayCon, I was genuinely amazed how many young people knew who I was, but more importantly loved what I was doing. It was an experience I won’t soon forget.

CP: Give us some insight into your background. Where did your love of theatre come from? 

TM: I have been involved in the performing arts for genuinely as long as I can remember. My first production was my kindergarten performance of King Midas. I played King Midas, obviously, because I’m a star. Although I wasn’t nominated for the Tony that year, I can pinpoint my love for the creative arts to that moment. The rest is history. I acted throughout high school, received a degree in Theatre Performance from St. Edward’s University, completed a post-graduate program at CAP21 in NYC, and then decided I didn’t want to audition and perform in the traditional sense. I wanted to combine my love of Broadway and a message of living your best life all at the same time – and so The Tyler Mount Vlog was born. 

CP: Any dream guests to have on the vlog? 

TM: Absolutely. I’m crying thinking about it. My dream list is: Cynthia Erivo, Idina Menzel, closely followed by the first television interview of Audra’s soon-to-be-born baby.

CP: What is your best advice for a high school student wanting to be more involved in theatre? 

TM: When asked this question, I always tell people the same thing. It is so very important, and I learned this later than I should have, to be genuinely yourself. Be proud of who you are, and by living an unapologetic life, your wildest dreams can come true. I’m living proof that with hard work and an understanding of your true self – anything is possible. 

CP: What was the first cast recording you ever bought? 

TM: I distinctly remember buying the cast recording to Wicked, and playing it on repeat – specifically Track 11, Defying Gravity – every single day I got home from school. I was, and still am, obsessed with Wicked. And although that probably classifies me as a “basic bitch”, I’ll wear that badge with honor. 

CP: What are your hopes for your vlog in the coming years? 

The great thing about my job is the fact that I have complete creative control and can really steer the program wherever I want it to take me. Although I love Broadway, and I love drinking margaritas on my couch, I’d love to bring my message to a larger audience and eventually transition to the world on television hosting. If anyone reading is friends with Ryan Seacrest, please let me know. 

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