The Confidence to Say I Belong Here

Liz Chirico

  • Massachusetts Columnist

Remember that basket full of eggs from a couple weeks ago? It worked. I have been cast in my bucket list show. And in the role I wanted. In fact, I even have a bit more of a role than I expected. Needless to say I couldn’t be more excited and joyful if you told me Christmas was tomorrow. 

When I first started this post, I thought the direction it would take would be more of a “holy crap, I’m not qualified for this role/part with this company.’ But I’m coming up blank in that regard. Instead I can only think about what I’ve done, how far I’ve come to reach the point I’m at today. I always thought of myself as a singer first, then as someone who can act a bit and perhaps if you stuck me in the back row and squinted, maybe I was a dancer.

In the last couple years I’ve worked really hard to improve on all fronts. Some probably thought I was crazy enrolling in tap class at 32, and auditioning for a dance company at 34. I took roles with a variety of companies to be taught by and learn from a variety of directors, choreographers and fellow actors. And it worked. The hard work, the crying, and the endless practice all comes together. Recently, a friend referred to me as a triple threat. I think I just might agree. 

Now, you might read this and say “man- she thinks highly of herself.” Not really. But I don’t think believing I have talents and skills that I’ve worked hard to develop makes me conceited. I think it makes me confident.

That’s what I’m taking into tonight’s rehearsal. The confidence to say I belong here. I don’t care if I was the first person cast or the person on the line that barely made it. The point is I’m in, I’m here.  And this role is far from the end because I’m far from the end. I know there will always be someone who sings better, jumps higher and that’s fine. I’m me though and that’s pretty good.

Photo: (Julia Day / Albany Student Press) The cast of "Spelling Bee" practices a song during rehearsal.