3 More Spooky Scripts for Classroom Work

Brittany Strelluf

Fall is the perfect time for scripts about ghouls, ghosts, and goblins for your drama classroom. Scripts used for scene studies, character analysis and technical design lessons. Last year, I dug upthree spooky scripts that are age appropriate yet fun.  I always am on the prowl for scripts that I can use in educational settings that are appropriate and fun.  Always be sure to contact the respective companies for inquiries about production rights.  You can always visit the United States Copyright website  for more information about production rights.

Be My Ghost: A Mystery Comedy Spoof in Two Acts by Tim Kelley

Tim Kelley is a fantastic playwright for student shows.  His scripts are very enjoyable and fun.  Be My Ghost is no exception.  If you enjoy Stephen King, you will probably like this script. It follows an author with writer’s block to the isolated Black Raven Inn.   It uses one set with two acts. The cast calls for 8 males and 14 females, with some doubling and extra options.  It is from Pioneer Drama.

Employees Must Wash Hands...Before Murder by Don Zolidis

Most murder mystery shows take place in places like a haunted house or a creepy hotel. This script is set someplace far more terrifying… a sleazy fast food joint. This script penned by Don Zolidis, is hysterical. The cast of characters includes a singing tapeworm named Squirmy, which itself is worth the read. The cast calls for 8 females, 1 male, and 10 that can be either, with roles for up to 14-19 actors possible. The run time is 30-40 minutes and one set. Production rights are available from Playscripts.

Boo! Thirteen Scenes From Halloween by Pat Cook

Rounding out this short list is a gem from Pat Cook. Pat Cook is another staple of high school and middle school theatre scripts.  These short scenes are perfect for the classroom. They are creepy but still fun, with lots of different characters and dynamics.  There are thirteen pieces within this collection that can be performed individually or together.  Production rights are available from Dramatic Publishing.