RANKED: Top 10 Jason Robert Brown Songs

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Welcome to RANKED! One thing I absolutely love doing with my theatre friends is talk about our favorite shows, songs, performers, etc. It's always a fun debate to decide what our Top 10 lists are. 

So I figured it was time to bring this to OnStage Blog. 

RANKED will be a new column series where I list my Top 10 rankings for a variety of shows, music, performers, plays, and anything/everything under the theatrical sun. Better yet, we're going to be doing this every day! 

So enjoy RANKED and feel free to disagree/agree with my selections as much as you want! 


There is little argument about Jason Robert Brown's talent, impact and influence over the past 20 years in musical theatre. From storytelling to writing the perfect ballad, Brown's work always resonates with listeners at the deepest levels. 

Beyond the content of the lyrics, Brown's compositions highlight the human voice in ways that aren't often seen. It's no surprise that in almost every single audition, one of his songs is used. 

So without further ado, here are my top 10 Jason Robert Brown Songs. 

10. "Someone to Fall Back On" from Wearing Someone Else's Clothes

9. "What It Means to be a Friend" from 13: The Musical

8. "She Cries" from Songs for a New World

7. "Old Red Hills of Home" from Parade

6. "It All Fades Away" from The Bridges of Madison County

5. "Stars and the Moon" from Songs for a New World

4. "Jason's Song" from Ariana Grande's Dangerous Woman

3. "The Next 10 Minutes" from The Last Five Years

2. "Leo's Statement: It's Hard to Speak My Heart" from Parade

1. "One Second and A Million Miles" from The Bridges of Madison County