Sit down Don..... A Response to 'Presidential' Tweets

Erin Karll

Recently the 45th President of the Unites States of America took the time out of his, self proclaimed,  busy schedule to incorrectly assert that it was because of lack of interest that caused the Michael Moore's one man Broadway show 'Terms of my Surrender' to close. The most stunning thing for me is this man as lived most of his life in New York City socializing with the top of the entertainment and art circle, but does not understand the term 'limited run'? He is name checked in at least two musicals that went on to win Tony awards ('RENT': was during the workshop years and 'Real Estate' did not make the cut. 'In the Heights': during 96,000. A local production even included his sign name in the choreography). And here is the underlying issue: He thinks he knows everything so he does not take a breath to verify information before letting his temper get the best of him.

The same tone was used when the Vice President Mike Pence attended a performance of 'Hamilton'. This was nothing new for the cast or theatre that has hosted many world leaders over its run. At the end of the show the cast read a speech prepared by the writer and former star of the show Lin-Manuel Miranda. Mr. Trump claimed that his VP was attacked  and called for a boycott. To bad he also didn't take a moment before this tweet and realize the show was sold out for almost a year in advanced so there was no way to boycott something unavailable to buy. Or that speeches after performances often happen and are seen as a treat for many theatre fans. Mr. Pence himself said he was not bothered by the words and that he enjoys interacting with people who hold different beliefs.

When I read this tweet I ask myself 'what is this feeling?' I believe that this feeling is betrayal. Our last commander in chief was a President who attended theatre nights often (a fact because I personally was held in the theatre after a show while both POTUS and FLOTUS motorcades left the theatre district), he invited artist to the White House for events (another fact because that is where 'Hamilton' first debuted), and always said how important the arts are to our country. Thanks Obama! This could also be causing some tension. Trump does have a habit of trying to discredit everything associated with his predecessor. 

Another thing that rubs me the wrong way is how he started the tweet 'While not at all presidential I must point out...'. When you are elected a leader in government you are always on the job. You can not stop because you want to throw a temper tantrum. I could continue on with my anger at calling Mr. Moore 'sloppy', but I know that is his only style of argument and he will never change that tactic.

So if this article happens to get to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington DC here are some facts that are not 'fake news'. You can still see on that at the top of the page it says 'strictly limited engagement'. While not selling out every night the show still made a lot of money and kept many industry workers employed. Please stop tweeting and do your job. If you don't know, now you know Mr. President.