Moment of Discovery: When Your Find "That Song"

Erin Malody 

OnStage Columnist

There’s no better feeling then finding your next favorite song. They’re all special I know, but sometimes you find that song/show that you just can’t stop listening too/singing along. It just speaks to you.  You listen to it on repeat and dream about getting a chance to perform it.

For me, at this moment, that song is Once More I Can See from the musical Wonderland.  I actually discovered this song when my parents gave me a book of contemporary Soprano/Belter musical theater songs for Christmas.  I was looking through the book tagging songs I wanted to work on with my voice teacher when there it was, right in the back of the book.  

Suddenly I remembered something from opening night of the production of Shrek I was in this past summer.  I was the Ugly Duckling, but looked like a swan.  Someone I was friends with back then had come to the show that night and he’d told me he thought I was playing Alice.   Not only that, but he could see me playing her someday.  We’d gone our separate ways, but I still remembered that conversation.  

I felt a sudden desire to hear the song.  I wanted to know if he was right about it.  A few minutes looking on Youtube later and I found the Original Broadway Cast Recording.   I was hooked from the first listen.  That song was the most lovely thing I’d ever heard.  I knew that if I ever got the chance I’d as my voice to let me work on it.

That chance came earlier this month.    I couldn’t be happier to be learning such a beautiful song.  I’m determined to do the song justice.  Even if it means bringing my voice higher then it normally goes.