Our 4 Choices to Host the Tonys

According to recent reports, the Tony Awards are having trouble finding a host for this year's ceremony. James Cordon declined, as has Tina Fey. Other past hosts such as Hugh Jackman and Neil Patrick Harris are also unavailable. 

As far as awards shows go, the Tonys are a relatively low affair. You don't need a slam dunk host like the Oscars. You need someone who can be charismatic, move the show along, cause a possible uptick in viewership and score at telling a joke once and a while. 

So with that in mind, here is our picks for who should host the 2017 Tonys. 

Stephen Colbert

Why Yes: Colbert would certainly be a big get for the ceremony. Colbert's ratings have been on the rise as of late, so the timing of a big hosting gig would never be better. Plus, the fact that he's based in New York would make things logistically easier. 

Why No: Seeing how he's the late night ratings king right now, CBS might not want to roll any dice with him right now. They were able to afford that last year with Corden, who was on the rise. But putting their biggest star on a second rate awards show(compared to the Oscars & Grammys), might not be the wisest move. 

Rachel Bloom

Why Yes: I'm not the first to suggest this and I certainly won't be the last. Bloom needs to host the Tonys. Given that her hit show, Crazy Ex Girlfriend, is the only musical based show on TV right now, is a perfect fit for the show. The CW is owned by CBS which also removes any cross-network conflicts as well. 

Why No: Can't really think of a reason other than the fact that she's based in L.A. 

Christian Borle


Why Yes: While it might be a risk for crossover appeal, there is no doubt that Borle is one of the biggest stars on the stage today. He'll most likely be nominated for his work in Falsettos, and possibly Charlie and the Chocolate Factory as well. 

Why No: Not a lot of reasons but the one might be just simply because he's in a show right now and taking time away from that to host the Tonys could be a bit too much. 

Kate McKinnon

Why Yes: As the one of the stars of Saturday Night Live, McKinnon would be the perfect choice for a show like this. She's also had a hand in a lot of the theatre based skits we've been seeing on SNL as of late. Given her skills in stand up and improv, we think she'll be able to manage hosting duties. 

Why No: Just the mere fact that she's on an NBC program.