My Five Motivational Broadway Workout Songs

Aly Markov

About a week ago I had finally decided to make a daily commitment to becoming the best that I can be… by making the “Whipped into Shape for Broadway Challenge” which means working out and video recording each line from “Whipped into Shape” from Legally Blonde: The Musical everyday for my progress. 

I had decided to do it not only for next year’s musical and my future as a performer, but also for my health and self esteem. I’m still currently at around 200 pounds (I know, I need to get a scale… and lose weight) and attempting to work out every day, but I decided to share five songs Broadway songs that are guaranteed to make you motivated to get whipped into shape!

1. “Whipped into Shape” from Legally Blonde: The Musical

Naturally, this song is the first on my playlist. The lyrics motivate you with words such as “Size two clothes don’t come to those too lazy to sweat”. There are also plenty of good pauses for you to catch your breath as Callahan’s parts come on, just like in the Broadway show. This song makes you release your inner Jillian Michaels as you attempt to sing along, even more practice for your pipes and acting!

2. “My Shot” from Hamilton

A lot of people listen to rap/hip hop when they work out so listening or singing along to this would not be out of the ordinary at the gym. You can release your inner motivation with this song and constantly tell yourself not to throw away your shot at getting fit for a part or an audition. The song also keeps a steady pace for most of the song, which is great for jogging, or any long distance running. Definitely a motivating and awesome Broadway song!

3. “Rent” from Rent

Of course I can’t make a workout playlist without including a song from the greatest rock musical of all time! The opening song of the musical gives you an awesome build up and makes you want to put all your energy into singing, dancing and headbanging to those awesome drums and guitar solos (Okay maybe the headbanging thing is just me). The lyrics and beat just fills me with so much energy and dread of question for that extra push and I’m sure it will for you too.

4. “Candy Store” from Heathers: The Musical

This one definitely has more character element to it, and despite the lyric “I like skipping gym”, it makes you want to release your inner mean girl and in some odd way motivates you to look like your ideal demon queen of high school and dare I say it: “say goodbye to shamu”. With awesome harmonies that give you goose bumps and words that hurt but motivate and release something deep within you, this is a cruel yet catchy song that you’ll want to sing and workout to.

5. “Make a Man Out of You” from Mulan

Okay, this show was never on Broadway but this show is available for people to perform and it’s a musical and this is my list so I’m going to allow it. Many Disney fans know that this song is a perfect workout song, including Star Wars’ Daisy Ridley who listened to this song to get into character for The Force Awakens! This song makes you feel empowered and want to do better. It makes you want to run that extra mile when you want to walk the rest of the way. It makes you want to prove your worth. It makes you want to save China! This song lets you forget that you’re working out and allows you to remember your goal and push through to the end. 

If you have another Broadway/Musical song in mind that wasn’t on this list, leave a comment or follow me and my journey on Instagram @Tis_Nessie to share your suggestions! 


Aly is a University student in Canada majoring in Dramatic Arts. She doesn’t know what she’s going to do with her degree, but she doesn’t care as long as she stays involved with the love of her life: theatre.