And the Nominees Are...

Trish Befus

Awards season always brings out the best of us. The day following nominations for all the major awards shows comes the ‘snubs’ lists. The Oscars, Emmys, Grammy and Tonys all have one thing in common – all nominations are subjective.

All of us have seen the list of nominees and weren’t happy at some point. We didn’t like that movie/show/actor/song. On the flip side, we wanted to see that movie/show/actor/song that we liked nominated.

Now enter the People’s Choice Awards. People sit at their computers, nominating or voting, for their personal favourite. Is this a fair system? In theory, it is, in reality it isn’t. Those with the most time on their hands cast the most votes.

This now brings us to community theatre or anything with public nominations. If your theatre seats 60 people, less people will see it to nominate than if your theatre seats 200. , noteveryone will nominate someone for something they really enjoyed.

This system will never please everyone. At the same time, neither will having a committee of 800 plus going to see all the shows. Neither of the processes are perfect. I know I am not always happy. In community theatre, I try and remember that we are all here for the same reason, our love of theatre. No one gets paid. From directors to stage managers to costume designers to front of house. We are all volunteers.

At some point, someone decided to have an awards night would be fun. We could recognize people that don’t get recognition. I remember in a pre-show chat, the person brought up the nominations and the awards being ‘Our Tony Awards’. I thought that was a wonderful way to describe them.

 Committees run awards. Volunteers put in so many hours. All the nominations are put together and the list is made. It’s not even close to being easy! The votes are tallied and checked and verified by a third party.

If the system doesn’t work for you, only you can make a change. Join the committee. Be involved. Be the change you want to see.

I enjoy seeing someone win who has put their heart and soul into an aspect of a show. Believe me, I have shows I haven’t been nominated for and been nominated and never won.

The awards night should just be fun! Meet new people. Learn about the other theatre companies. See performances you didn’t get a chance to see. Come together as volunteers and celebrate the season.

Remember it’s subjective.

Have fun and take risks!

If you don’t get nominated, it doesn’t mean you didn’t have a good show.

Just remember, if you aren’t happy with the system

‘Some things I cannot change but ‘til I try I’ll never Know’.