Apologies are Owed

This morning, OnStage Blog posted a column reporting on a theatre in New Hampshire that appeared to be moving forward with a production of 'Gypsy' without having obtained the rights to do so. 

However, within an hour of the story being published, we were presented with further evidence, which proved that the documents and statements we received were false.

As a result, I have decided to pull the story from our website and social media channels. 

While this story has revealed a much bigger problem, it has nothing to do with Interlakes Summer Theatre and more to do with MTI not updating their show pages in a timely manner and being vague when questions are posed to them regarding rights availability. 

I do want to deeply apologize to staff and all involved at Interlakes Summer Theatre. It is always my intention to go after unethical behavior where it happens and I am sorry that Interlakes Summer Theatre was incorrectly targeted. I also want to personally apologize to Nancy Barry, Joseph Barry as well as Clayton Phillips.