Thank You 'Groundhog Day' and the Cast That Won Me Over


There are some musicals that I adore for obvious reasons. Whether it's their epic score, relatable plot, incredible choreography, I usually know what exactly drew me to each piece.

Then are some that keep me thinking. I know I love them, I just can't figure out why., so you keep thinking about it, listening to it and it draws you back to the theatre for repeat viewings. One of those shows is closing today, Groundhog Day.

Not quite the critical darling of the season, nor the winner of multiple Tony awards, Groundhog Day, however, accomplished something rarely felt in a theatre, it made you feel like you were home. We know towns like Punxsutawney and we certainly know people like the ones who inhabit it.

Every town has the quirky couple who just seem perfect.

Every town has the guys in the bar known for having one too many.

Every town has the doctor convinced that alternative therapy is the way to go.

And every town has the dreamer looking to get out or find the love that will see them for who they are. 

The charm that emotes off that stage is a testament to this cast. While the score grows on you and the staging is wildly creative, the cast is what I'll remember the most. 

So thank you to the musical that showed you what could be possible on stage and at the same time, reminded you where you came from.