My Day 1 BroadwayCon Recap

Erin Karll

Checking in was a bit of a mess, internet connection is not one of the Javits center’s strong points, and everyone was so excited to get in so the line was long. The staff was calm and helpful and kept it moving when possible.

The first panel I attended was about Press Agents and Public relations. Susan L Schulman was amazing and inspiring. She had advice about reaching the core audience first and then working towards expanding. Stories about her first office in Times Square in the 1970s we great to hear, and made me feel like an insider.

The second panel I attended was about social media presented by SpotCo. The speakers told personal experiences of creating content and the best way to speak with the message of the show. It was very interesting to hear about real life troubles and triumphs of advertisements that I have seen on my news feed.

After a quick lunch break and a walk through the marketplace I attended a panel with Jen Tepper and Jordan Roth on the history of the St James theatre, which included some news on the new show coming in soon, Disney’s Frozen. As a history buff and theatre nerd this made me very happy and excited to see a show in this venue.

Taking more time through the marketplace landed me with two more autographs. Lilli Cooper at the official autograph table, and Jay Armstrong Johnson at the Broadway Records booth. One last panel before the main stage opening ceremony was one of the best so far. Writers from ‘submissions only’, ‘turning tables’, and ‘Rachel unraveling talk about what it takes to create a web series.

Notes on opening ceremony: Billy Porter makes the world go round. And Kelli O’Hara can lead us all into a world of pure imagination. Betsy Wolfe can belt to the birds. Anthony Rapp is just a wonderful host.

The in the heights reunion was just more amazing storytelling from the most amazing crew. If Lin-Manuel has a job these guys have a job, and Broadway is better for that fact.

Chicago celebration was beautiful and we were treated to the official ‘all that jazz’ music video. The legendary Joel Gray And BeBe Neuwirth spill all the stories from the original run and the revivals beginnings.

There was the first look at Disney’s Frozen and besides wanting to be adopted by the Lopez family we learned a lot about the show. Many changes happened since the Denver run, and the new songs are very powerful and all interconnected in a way a music theory fan would be happy to dissect. Next was the leading women on the main stage. The powerhouse performers broke down what it is like to be a women in the industry. The struggle with timing and family commitments, the prejudice that face many, and their most joyful rolls.

Calling it a night for now, but follow #onstagebwaycon for more live tweeting from Broadway Con 2018! They say the neon lights are bright... :)