5 Ways to Beat the Post-Show Blues

Liz Chirico

A couple weeks ago I ended my run in Mary Poppins. It was my bucket list show and a bucket list role; y’all, I was a tap-dancing chimney sweep! Sold out shows, adoring family and friends coming to watch, and I only dropped a line once. Pretty good run.

So it stands to reason the post-show blues would hit and hit hard. Here’s how I decided to combat them. Feel free to modify as needed to deal with your own post-show blues.

1.    Be super busy the first week off from rehearsals. Around 36 hours after the final curtain closed I was awake and heading to Logan airport for a business trip to DC. 4:50 a.m. (when the alarm went off) isn’t a time to be coherent for anything, especially a case of the post-show blues. 

2.    Fill your evenings with theatrical endeavors. For my first weekend not performing (or rehearsing) I attended 2 shows. I followed that up with Live streaming a 3rd and watching a 4th show filmed and screened in cinemas (I reviewed 3 of those shows here with OnStage). It might have helped me forget all the wonderful people and the fun of my own show except…

3.    Start text/Facebook chains full of inside jokes. Change everyone’s name to hilarious and semi-inappropriate nicknames. Rehash all the wonderful jokes from backstage, the dressing rooms, and the cast party.

4.    FB stalk cast members going on auditions. Make plans with others to see said former cast members in their new shows, because of course, they’re going to get in. They rocked in the show you just did together!

5.    Countdown the days until the DVD release/cast reunion. Even if the cast reunion party doesn’t happen, because let’s be honest the likelihood of working around everyone’s new show schedules is tough, it’s a bright spot on your calendar and feels good. 

It’s important to remember the post-show blues mean you were part of a good thing. Something magical and worth being sad about. So be busy, keep up with the cast inside jokes and smile because you were part of something special. Then find your next audition and the next (hopefully) good thing!