Auditions: Submit for it All

  • Laura Jeanne Portera

You’re working harder than ever to be an actor, right? Well in a career filled with constant letdowns and rejections it’s important to make sure you keep that persistence and drive that’s been pushing you this far. My number one advice for anyone trying to make it in the business is to submit to EVERYTHING! Okay, maybe not EVERYTHING. But make sure you submit to everything you feel suitable for.

Technological advancements have enhanced the audition experience for actors. Now there are hundreds of casting websites to sign up on. Each one has its way of providing who, what, where, when, why, and how much you’re getting paid for each acting gig. Some of the more popular casting websites include Backstage, Actors Access, Playbill, Casting Networks, NYCastings, and so many others! While some listings may be for in-person auditions, the majority require applying online. These applications generally ask for you to submit your headshot, resume, video reel, and a cover letter. Using these companies’ websites or apps makes it super easy to submit as quickly and as much as possible.

So how do you know what casing notice to submit to? Each notice lists the names of the characters, their age range, their race, and any special skills that may be required. Casting directors try to be as specific as possible to cast the exact person they are searching for. If everything listed applies to you, then submit, submit, submit!    

By odds alone, the more you submit, the more responses you get. Plus the worst that can happen is they say no. While not every response may work out, the majority may lead to audition opportunities or even being booked straight from your submission. Not only will these responses help you build up your resume, but they will also help you with your confidence.

In conclusion, submit for everything you can, get responses, build up your resume and your confidence, continue being a happy actor, and doing what you love!