See You Soon....

Kasie Tiler Patlove

I’m moving. I’m saying goodbye to my life New York City, the one I’ve dreamed of since I was a little girl. Goodbye to being minutes away from the center of the theater world. Goodbye to central park, the Brooklyn bridge, and street fairs, . Goodbye to taxi cabs and crowded subways, to all of my friends. And, goodbye to my little basement apartment in Washington Heights that I share with my amazing boyfriend.

But it’s not really a goodbye. It’s a see you soon. It’s time for me to change the world.

In two weeks, I’ll be moving to Syracuse, New York to work with a nonprofit theater organization. In addition to in house main stage and black box productions, this company has an amazing collaboration with the Syracuse City School District. I will be working in one of the SCSD school districts, using the performing arts as a vehicle for project based learning of their core curriculum. Syracuse school district suffers from an incredible achievement gap between its urban and suburban students, and has been working tirelessly to provide more support to students and their families. This theater company has stepped in a created a program that allows the school curriculum to be supported by a discovery and appreciate for theater and design.

Okay, maybe I won’t be changing the whole world. But I’ll have the chance to change some 10 year olds up in Syracuse. And maybe eventually they’ll become the future teachers, politicians and artists of America. So maybe I am changing the world.

I have always had a passion for nonprofit theater. When I was in the seventh grade, a former special education and drama teacher from my middle school opened her own non-profit youth theater. I performed in their first season of shows, and continued to perform and work there until I graduated high school. It was a safe haven for me, fostering my love of theater and appreciation for community. I began teaching in theatre programs, public and private schools throughout college, and very few things give me as much pride and satisfaction as seeing children learn and grow through theater.

So when I received this email Monday night, saying I had been accepted to live and work in Syracuse, enriching the lives of children and contributing to a quickly expanding theater company, I had to say yes.

Growing up is scary. Actually it’s terrifying. Leaving what you  love and are used to go to somewhere where you know no one. Starting over with a new job, new people and a new routine. No one said it was going to be easy. But it sure will be exciting.

See you soon, NYC.