My Biggest Hope for "Hercules"

Stefanie Townsend

I’m still giddy over the news we are getting a Broadway version of Hercules.It is, in my opinion, one of the most underrated Disney films. That, and Meg is one of my favorite characters of all time. I relate to her in so many ways, more than I can count. And I Won’t Say I’m in Love is both brilliant and iconic.

To be honest, the idea that I have the potential to play a character who means so much to me on stage is thrilling.

So I hope that this musical does two things: Gives Meg more songs, and keeps her as an alto.

I’ve had I Won’t Say I’m in Love stuck in my head for months. Last weekend, I rewatched the film and realized how much I relate to Meg, how much her emotions match how I feel. I realized how much I understand her. Though I will never go through exactly what she went through, it’s comforting to see someone go through similar experiences.

It’s clear that Meg has quite a story to tell. Her story resonates with me, and it has the potential to touch so many hearts and have so many people feel less alone.

I’d love to see Meg have more songs. Characters sing in musicals because they are so overcome with emotion that they have no choice but to sing. The amount of insight we could get into her character is limitless.

Naturally, I don’t want Meg to completely overtake the story. The show is called Hercules, after all. I would just love to be able to get to know her a bit more.

And it would be lovely to have more songs for younger altos.

I can’t begin to describe how powerful I feel when I can sing Meg’s song from the film. So many of my favorite songs are difficult for me to sing, even as a mezzo belter, just because the notes are out of my range. My fellow altos and I are often discouraged out of ever auditioning for musicals because of our vocal range - most of the current alto parts are for characters ten years older, if not twice my age or older.

Keeping Meg as an alto would open up so many doors for altos in musicals. Younger altos will experience the thrill of being onstage, being in a show and playing such an incredible character.

They will have to audition with that are closer to their age range.

They will be inspired to audition for musicals, rather than feel like they’ll never be in one because they aren’t old enough for any of the roles that have songs in their range. I’m excited for the Hercules musical. I’m excited for an underrated Disney film getting more recognition. I can’t wait to see what the stage adaptation will look like. Knowing me, I will probably cry.

And I can’t wait for Meg to be able to tell her story, for her to resonate with so many people like she resonated for me.

I sincerely hope that with Hercules, Meg can change lives in so many ways.