Is Javier Muñoz Okay?


One of the best things about Javier Muñoz is his honesty. Right or wrong, love it or hate it, he's going to say what he feels. It can be equally jarring and refreshing. Because he doesn't play by the typical decorum rules of Broadway performers, I'm sure that his attitude has both landed and cost him jobs. 

His honesty has also crossed over to social media. The level of candidness he is with his followers is also refreshing. While he dismisses trolls and haters, he doesn't usually lash out at his fans. Which is why his latest interactions with them have me a bit worried. 

Yesterday, in response to his tweet regarding casting equality, a fan simply asked Javier Muñoz, "Are you okay"


There are a lot of ways one could respond to this question. A sincere answer perhaps? Or a "thanks for checking in?" 

But Javier Muñoz didn't do that. In fact, he did the extreme opposite. 

In a series of disturbing tweets, he responded to the fan with obscenity-ridden comments and threats. Here are some of them: (WARNING: THESE COMMENTS DO CONTAIN EXPLICIT LANGUAGE)


But Muñoz didn't stop there. He found the fan's Instagram account and started going off on him there as well.


It got so bad that the fan essentially begged Muñoz to stop due to a possible panic attack. 


After that Muñoz apparently signed off Twitter with some more explicit posts.

Javi 2.png
Javi 3.png

While this might be the most extreme of responses. It's not the first time Muñoz has been triggered by people asking how he is. 


So is this lashing out a result of something else? Or are fans finally seeing Muñoz's honesty targeted at them? I don't know the man at all, but in the couple of interactions I've had with him as a member of the press, cold and surly is about the best I could describe them. The memory of the way he responded to someone referring to him as Lin-Manuel Miranda's understudy will be forever etched in my mind. So I wish I could say I'm shocked at Muñoz's behavior. 

But while I don't usually have a problem with artists treating the press this way, going after fans is another thing entirely. It's not as if the comment was trolling or mean-spirited, it was a fan asking if he was okay. Not even close deserving of the type of response Muñoz levied upon him.

Broadway fans are the most loyal fans out there, but even the most devoted fandom wouldn't and shouldn't stand for this. So if anyone knows Javier Muñoz, you might want to check in and see how he's doing. Unless he's lashed out at you too.