Will Mean Girls' Success Lead to a Broadway Return for Heathers?


12 Tony Nominations, critical praise and pulling in $1.4 million per week, the debate of whether or not "Mean Girls" would be a success has been decided, it most definitely is a success.

The musical is striking a chord with younger audiences and I have no doubt this will become a staple in high schools and colleges for years to come once licensing rights are available.

But given its popularity and success on 42nd Street, one has to wonder if this, along with other shows like Dear Evan Hansen, will lead to more teenage-centric stories gracing Broadway stages. The same goes for shows that never got their Broadway run but have since become incredibly popular with younger audiences. The best example of this would be "Heathers". 

Ever since the show's Off-Broadway closing in August 2014, its become one of the most popular choices for colleges, high schools, and community theatres. I've seen it produced in my area at least once for the past couple of years. 

So given the success of the similar "Mean Girls", will we be seeing "Heathers" on Broadway anytime soon? We just might. 

I spoke to one producer who said that the interest is there. "If you look at the way younger audiences are driving box offices, a show like "Heathers" is definitely worth exploring," they said. "I've had more than one conversation about the potential of bringing it to Broadway."

But the producer also stressed how these discussions are simply just gauging interest and that nothing substantial is moving forward anytime soon. I personally think that it might be a good idea. Much of the show's popularity has been gained after it closed Off-Broadway, so there is definitely a fan base out there craving an NYC return. While it's not a perfect show and has its flaws, with some minor tweaking, it could certainly be a critical darling and award-worthy as well. 

While the dream of a Broadway-bound "Heathers" is still pretty far off, with the way younger audiences are filling NYC theatres, the idea is, reportedly, becoming more and more attractive.