Guys, Take a Dance Class

Alexa Mapes

Alexa Mapes


My wife teaches at a children's dance studio near our home in CT. In the ten years she's been teaching there, I can probably count on two hands the number of boys I've seen in her dance classes. Now I can certainly understand that taking a dance class isn't high on most little boys' activity list. However, for those young men who want to pursue a career in musical theatre, taking dance classes are a necessity. 

When it comes to the BFA musical theatre auditions, dance is going to be a major component of that audition. I've seen plenty of instances where the dance audition completely changed a candidate's chances of getting into the program, both good and bad. I remember one young man who had a so-so voice, decent acting but wowed the auditioners with his dancing ability. He was given a scholarship. I remember another young man who had an incredible voice, great acting but no rhythm whatsoever. He was denied. 

Knowledge and ability in dance aren't just going to help your chances at auditions, they're going to make you a better performer. Actors need to know their bodies and how to use them. From posture to flexibility, how to truly embody a character, these are all major steps to becoming a better performer. 

I also won't lie, young men who can dance, schools are looking for that. I spoke to one professor from a major musical theatre program who said, "If we see a young man who can sing, act but who can really dance, we know we're going to be fighting with other schools to get him."

That's no joke. The young man who I mentioned before who was a great dancer? He had six schools offering him scholarships. 

So if you want to be the strongest candidate for the top musical theatre programs out there? Sign up for dance classes. Trust me when I say it will only pay off later.