Can We Not Take Pleasure in Shows Closing?

(T. Charles Erickson)

(T. Charles Erickson)


This past week, it was announced that the new musical, Gettin' The Band Back Together, will be closing. While the show was well received in its out-of-town tryout in NJ, it couldn't seem to grab the same amount of praise once it opened on Broadway. While critics tore it apart(some going to unfair lengths), audience reaction was more mixed with many saying they loved the show.

But one thing I noticed in online discussion boards, which has become a common theme for a while now, are people showing their glee that a particular show is closing. 

Comments like, "Thank God!" or "Now something good can occupy that space" seem to be popular choices. One person even said "good riddance" in regards to Gettin' The Band Back Together.

As much as we may have disdain for a show, can we stop with this rhetoric when we hear it's closing?

It's important to know that along with a show-closing are dozens of people losing their jobs. From the performers, crew, pit musicians and so on. We all know that working on Broadway isn't easy, to begin with. So in many cases, some of these folks may never step foot on another Broadway stage again. 

So while a particular show may not be our cup of tea, let's not display celebration at its demise. We don't have to mourn every show's closing, but we certainly don't have to stomp on its metaphorical grave.