Journey to the Past: Broadway Productions I'd Loved to Have Seen

  • Liz Chirico

A meme or photo (not sure the difference tbh) posted on this site made a joke about time traveling to see closed Broadway shows, which made me think about shows I'd see if time travel was possible. To keep this piece under 10,000 words, I limited myself to five shows. I further narrowed it to shows that are no longer running (i.e., not going back to the opening night of Hamilton) AND limiting the list to shows I never saw if they originally ran during my lifetime. Here are my time travel shows in no particular order.

Sideshow, 1998

It will forever be my biggest regret that I didn't see the revival of this show a couple of years ago when I had the chance. At any rate, the original came out while I suffered my way through high school and spoke to me in a way few things have. The idea of being different, lonely while surrounded by others, of embracing your whole self is something I did and do at times identify with. It's anthem "I Will Never Leave You" is beautiful and forever a favorite.

My Fair Lady, 1956

Oh to see Julie Andrews in her prime! The grainy black and white footage that exists of Julie and Rex Harrison making theater magic isn't enough. I'll take either the London or New York show for this one. Just a night Julie sings would be enough.

Showboat, 1927

What a thrill it would be to experience the first true musical on stage. To see African-American artists sharing the stage with white actors as equals in a way that hadn't been done before. To hear Paul Robeson sing "Old Man River." Yes, please.

Blithe Spirit, 1941

Not a musical but still one to see. The first play I acted in (as Elvira) holds a special place in my heart. For this, I'd prefer the London version with Noel Coward himself as Charles. And to see how the effects of the day were used in the final scene would be interesting.

Gypsy, 2003/08

Yes, it's technically two shows, but it's also the same show just different casts. Do you expect me to choose between Patti and Bernadette? I think not. Both amazingly strong talented women portraying the original strong theater Mama. Plus- my list, my rules :)