What To Listen to Next If You’re Obsessed with "Be More Chill"

  • Meghan Settle

Be More Chill has everything you could want in a musical- teen angst, a party scene (everyone loves a good party scene), catchy songs, and lovable characters. But at some point, everyone around you is going to get tired of you playing it every time they give you the aux cord. So- here’s a list of musicals you’ll fall in love with if you like Be More Chill:

1.     Carrie

Why You’ll Love It: Based on the book by Stephen King, this musical also focuses on teenagers, and has a supernatural/sci-fi element. It’s also a rock musical, similar to BMC. Plus, it has a party scene.

Best Song:  In, the opening number. Much like BMC , this show has a KILLER opening number featuring the whole cast that sets up the story perfectly.

2.     Heathers

Why You’ll Love It: Another musical that has an amazing fan base, Heathers is based on the cult movie and is comedic while still being dark at times, much like BMC. It’s also a rock musical, and deals with real issues like date rape and anxiety about not fitting in with the people around you.

Best Song: Big Fun, the big party song where teenagers are left alone, but of course some chaos happens like always.

3.     Toxic Avenger

Why You’ll Love It: Toxic Avenger is a fun, campy musical about a man who falls into toxic waste and becomes a superhero. It has a very similar music style, and has the same “life changes in an instant for a social outcast” theme that BMC does.

Best Song: Choose Me, Oprah! is a hilarious song sung by the female lead about wanting Oprah to promote the book she wrote and make her famous, and is perfect for fans of I Love Play Rehearsal.

4.     Dear Evan Hansen

Why You’ll Love It: Before you roll your eyes, DEH has very similar themes to BMC, especially with featuring a character who struggles with social anxiety (Michael in BMC and Evan in DEH). Also, you have to admit the songs ARE catchy.

Best Song: If I Could Tell Her is very cute, and gives me extreme A Guy I Could Kinda Be Into vibes.

Honorable Mention:

Things To Ruin: A song cycle (think edgier Songs For a New World) by BMC composer Joe Iconis, TTR features songs about anything from a guy complaining about a girl falling asleep on his arm to a heartbreaking song about a young boy being picked last for a dodgeball game. This musical doesn’t have a lot in common with BMC besides being written by the same amazing composer, so it unfortunately couldn’t be featured in the main list.

Use this list wisely, and have fun enjoying some new cast recordings!