How to recreate THAT bowling scene from Grease 2

  • Holly Lucas

Wait, is she talking about THAT Grease? The sequel we never speak of? The one we hate but secretly love when it’s on the movie channel?

Why yes, yes I am, because if you’ve never wanted to recreate that scene in the bowling alley, you haven’t lived! Here are some fool-proof ways you can score tonight and live out your secret Grease 2 fantasies.

1. Retro bowling alleys only

Find yourself a bowling alley/diner combo. It’s the only way to go. If you don’t have a giant milkshake or coke float to hand, you might as well just go home.

2. Avengers Assemble

Assemble yourself a badass team to take on the lanes. Two teams fighting it out for eternal glory is the way to go. Whether you decide to do Pink Ladies vs. T-birds is up to you, but matching outfits are highly recommended to give you the ultimate cool-factor and be the envy of all the strangers around you.

3. Perfect your wiggle

The ONLY way to bowl is with an expert wiggle. Upon careful observation of Grease 2, I have deemed the following bowling styles appropriate:

● A flamboyant leg extension as you release the ball - aim high or low, the choice is yours.

● A perfect pirouette (double preferred) as you wait for your ball to make it down the lane.

● The Paulette crouch and bum wiggle. Head to the foul line and get on your knees, wiggling the whole way down, before pushing your ball with two hands at approximately 0.5mph. Guaranteed strike, I assure you, plus you won’t break a nail.

4. Running down the lane IS acceptable

Caution: slippery surface? Pah! I laugh in the face of your slippery surface and will run, leap and knee slide my way up and down that lane whether it’s my go or not. Gather your teammates and take over the entire bowling alley to show them your celebratory dance moves. Don’t worry; I’m certain they’ll all just start joining in.

5. Dancing with bowling balls is also acceptable

You must go for height. If you happen to have brought a trampoline with you, that’s great, but if not just use the seats or ball racks and just see how high you can get whilst holding a heavy bowling ball. Alternatively, if you’re afraid of heights, a simple step, clap, and spin will do. Just watch out for people around you.

6. Only give up the goods for a strike

If you’ve brought along your own Johnny for the night (fnar), you must spend the evening in direct competition - evil glares, witty jibes, that kind of thing - unless they score a strike. Then you have no choice but to flatter their ego with suggestive arm squeezes and a gravelly sexy voice. If you can break into a rendition of ‘You’re gonna score tonight’ even better.

7. Bring along a token nun

No Grease 2 bowling night is complete without a token nun or two. Just watch the scene on Youtube, and you’ll see what I mean…

Now you’re ready to recreate our favourite bowling scene of all time. Just go and work on your ability to harmonise on the spot and you’ll be perfect - Grease 2 has nothing on us!

P.S. Please send photos. Preferably the photos before you’re all escorted from the building.