Is It Ever Okay for a Performer to Have an Ego?

  • Nikki Scamuffo

Anyone who works in the entertainment industry has experienced some big egos. Sometimes it stems from the amount of experience someone has, or the talent they perceive themselves to have. No matter where someone’s ego stems from, it’s incredibly annoying for everyone working around them. Even though it’s collectively irritating to deal with a big ego, my question is, is it ever okay for a performer to have a big ego?

For example, sometimes we hear about our favorite performers being divas. There are rumors about some of the biggest talents having unbearable egos, from Mariah Carey to Lucciano Pavarotti. This being said, these performers are/were incredibly talented people. Mariah Carey changed the face of pop and R&B with her infectious vocals and performances, while Lucciano Pavarotti arguably had one of the greatest singing voices ever.

This being said, is there a time in a performer’s career where they’re allowed to have such a big ego? Do Mariah Carey and Lucciano Pavarotti get a free pass because of their talent and their ample experience?

My opinion is no. As a performer, you are a vessel for an art form, whether that be playing an instrument, singing, acting, dancing, or anything. Arguably, some people are better at their art forms than others; they can hit difficult notes, personify characters with ease, or perform record amounts of pirouettes. However, I don’t believe that these talents give anyone the right to be rude to their fellow ensemble and crew members. Managing your ego is just being considerate to your colleagues. Performers with big egos are seen as difficult to work with, and an overall pain, whether they are especially talented or not. Maintain your ego to maintain peace in the entertainment world.

When mutual respect is practiced in the entertainment world, or any world for that matter, the whole project will be much easier to achieve. If anything, positive attitudes will improve the final product. Remember the importance of mutual respect in an ensemble, and check your ego.