The Characters of “Les Misérables” as Zodiac Signs

  • Kirti Daya

Aries - Jean Valjean

Aries are bold and ambitious which can explain most of Valjean’s actions from defying the law time and time again, to not really caring about the consequences until it is too late. Aries very rarely see others problems, much to the despair of Cosette who is expected to constantly be on the run with Jean Valjean. 

Taurus – Gavroche

Taurus is the anchor of the zodiac, and in a way, so was Gavroche byc onstantly keeping the morale of the revolution high. Taureans also value honesty above all else which is why Gavroche revealed the true identity of both Inspector Javier and Jean Valjean. Taureans are persistently hard workers and when all seemed to be lost, Gavroche was one of the few who didn’t give up.

Gemini - Monsieur Thenardier

Monsieur Thenardier was arguably one of the most charismatic characters in Les Mis, having two different sides that were both displayed to the audience. A harsh, money grabbing man around Cosette and Valjean but a flambuoyant and easy going inn-keeper to his customers. Geminis are masters at blending into different groups which is why Thenardier managed to appear in that many scenes without causing alarm to the other characters.

Cancer – Cosette

Cancers are emotional and intuitive which explains Cosette’s quick forming relationships with both Jean Valjean and Marius, both being very successful. It is not uncommon for cancer to fall into committed love shortly after meeting somebody and for Cosette it was definitely a “love at first sight” scenario. Cancers also have a deep care about family and friends explaining her need to find her step father after he disappears and the letter she leaves for Marius.

Leo - Enjolras

A natural born leader, leos also love to vanquish injustice and bask in the spotlight whilst doing so. Enjolras is the epitome of this, courageously leading the revolution and managing to motivate others by simply singing. Leos put themselves first and disagree with plans that don’t fit with their agenda, which is why Enjolras was less than gleeful at the thought of a girl distracting Marius from the cause.

Virgo – Fantine

Virgos are known for getting the job done without complaining; exactly what Fantine tries to do at the factory even with a handsy foreman. Virgos try to be useful to their loved ones and shy away from the spotlight. Fantine keeps to herself at work yet is willing to make sacrifices for her child. A Virgo hates when someone lets them down which is why Fantine held a grudge over Valjean for allowing her to get fired.

Libra - Bishop Myriel

Librans are known to be obsessed with balance and harmony. Bishop Myriel is able to see all points of view and is willing to put somebody else before himself, both classic traits of a Libran. Although Valjean steals from him, Bishop Myriel excuses the act, even lying to the authorities, all in the hope that Valjean will correct the mistakes of his past by helping those in the future.

Scorpio - Madame Thenardier

Scorpios are known to be passionate and determined. Madame Thenardier is the smarter of the husband-wife duo and more often than not is the reason why they walk away from sticky situations quite successfully. Scorpios are known for their loyalty which is quite evident in Madame’s relationship with her husband.

Sagittarius - Marius

Sagittarius are freedom-loving, optimistic beings who thrive independently of anybody else. Marius ran away from his noble family to help fight for the revolution, a typical Sagittarius move. Sagittarius are also known for their big spirited and open hearted nature which can explain how Marius fell for Cosette upon first laying eyes on her.

Capricorn – Courfeyrac

Capricorns are skilled at navigating both material and emotional realms which explains how Courfeyrac manages to keep Marius and Enjolras together despite all odds. Courfeyrac, being the third in command, is described as the glue that holds the leaders together and it is the Capricorn traits of being smart, hardworking and natural followers that help him do so.

Aquarius - Inspector Javert

Aquarians have a strong sense of social justice and dedicate most of their lives to making the world a better place. Javert’s strong moral compass often gets in his way of his everyday life, as he becomes obsessed with doling out justice to those who openly defy it. Eventually it is Javert’s own dilemma of self that leads to his destruction, which has to be the most aquarius way to go.

Pisces - Eponine

Pisces are known to feel things deeply, as well as constantly be divided between fantasy and reality. This is a great description of Eponine who spends a good deal of her young adult life pining away for a man who is clearly not interested in her. Pisces are also known for being deeply intelligent which is quite obvious regarding Eponine with her self-awareness of her family dynamics as well as her ability to quickly understand and assess situations around her.