A Letter to Those Who Inspire Me: Choreographers

Bellevue College

Bellevue College

Dear Choreographers,

I just wanted to take a moment to write about all the ways in which you have intimidated... I mean, inspired me. From pointing out my two left feet to all the motivational speeches about why it is important to push myself. Choreographers add dazzle to musicals with flare, grace, and athleticism. Here is my thank you as to why you continue to inspire me.

You have shown me that you do not have to be in the best shape to perform at an impressive caliber in musicals. You have instilled me with confidence to know that I can get on stage and perform next to someone who has been dancing for years and still hold my own, because you treat me like I have to. You continue to expect more from me which in turn pushes me to rise to the occasion and perform at the level you want me to be at. 

Because of you, I have mastered the ability to hold my head up high and believing in myself. 

You have inspired within me the importance of presence, whether in a room or onstage. When you walk in with your dance attire and your booming “5,6,7,8 ...boom ta, ta, ka, shwoop” voice, I know you mean business. There is a beauty about the way in which you carry yourself that shows me that the way I present myself to the world as a performer, and as a person in general, is important. You hold your head high and speak with conviction, showing me that being a leader means holding yourself to a standard and expecting nothing less of those around you. 

Above everything, pride in myself is the greatest gift you could have ever inspired within me. You have shown that if you can believe in me even when I am messing up, that I should believe in myself too. You make me want to be better and want to push myself to accomplish things I may have never thought I could, just because you told me to. You have inspired within me a sense of self: physically, mentally and emotionally.

So, thank you, choreographers, for loving what you do and doing it so well. I know it may seem like you are repeating yourselves and getting nowhere when performers are not catching on quickly or correctly. But remember, you are inspiring everyone in a production to perform with confidence and conviction. While simultaneously teaching them to take pride in what they are doing and to always take ownership of who they are. 


Seana Hendrickson