10 Cheap Halloween Costumes From 2018 Movies

Ken Jones

Halloween is just around the corner, and while some people like to go big and festive for the spooky holiday, if you’re looking to not break the bank on a costume or are just lazy, here are a few costume ideas from movies in 2018. Enjoy.

10. Atari from Isle of Dogs


What You’ll need: I mean, if you’ve got a pilot’s suit and helmet hanging around, great. Otherwise, just wrap yourself in aluminum foil and wear a headset/earpiece. Maybe glue a screw or piece of metal to make it look like it’s embedded shrapnel in your skull for extra effect. Oh, and carry around a picture of your favorite dog, or bring your dog with you. And some makeup to make it look like you have a black eye.

9. The Happy Medium from A Wrinkle in Time


What You’ll Need: Green drapes? I would say a man-bun and beard, but you could probably find fake ones online.

8. Ruth Bader Ginsburg from RBG


What You’ll Need: A black robe and some gold trim. Glasses.  Also, hair in a bun like the Happy Medium. In fact, you could combine this with the Happy Medium for the Happy RBG Medium.

7. Gary from Game Night


What You’ll Need: A police officer’s suit, fake or real. A white dog to carry around. An air of desperate loneliness. Bonus points if you make the dog look like someone with a gunshot wound accidentally bled all over it.

6. Marlo from Tully


What You’ll Need: A bathrobe and pajamas. A Cabbage Patch doll or some kind of baby doll to carry around. Do not sleep for more than 2 hours for a week straight to approximate the energy level of a mother of three. Breast pumps optional.

5. Freddie Mercury from Bohemian Rhapsody


What You’ll Need: White tank top and jeans. A moustache and slicked back, jetblack hair. Carry a microphone and mic stand around with you. Aviator sunglasses.

4. Cassius Green from Sorry To Bother You


What You’ll Need: A suit and loosened tie. Wrap a bandage around your head with a red stain to make it look like you were struck in the head by someone throwing a soda can.

3. Charlie from Hereditary


What You’ll Need: An oversized, orange pullover sweater. The ability to cluck with your tongue. A creepy doll made from wires and twigs and the head of a dead bird.

2. Mister Rogers from Won’t You Be My Neighbor


What You’ll Need: Clothes from your dad’s or preferably grandfather’s closet. A button down or zip-up sweater is a must, any primary color will do. Maybe carry around a few puppets for good measure. The sunniest of sunny dispositions.

1. Peter, a.k.a. “Sugar Bear” from Deadpool 2


What You’ll Need: The plainest, most generic business casual clothes you can find. The plainest, most generic haircut and mustache you can find. Protective goggles and a parachute. See? Anyone can be a superhero.