2nd Opinion Review: "Avengers: Infinity War"

Lewis Baird

People who know me, know that I am a massive geek. My all time favourite movie was Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight, mainly because of how indulgent it is to watch with acting royalty such as Christian Bale, Michael Caine and of course Heath Ledger's with his iconic portrayal as the joker. However, that film is no longer number one on my list, The Dark Knight is number two. What is number one you ask? Well, I have just seen Avengers Infinity War and Marvel have just head-butted DC to the ground with a freaking stunning piece of superhero galore.

The plot follows the Avengers and the guardians of the galaxy, stopping Thanos from getting his big purple hands on the infinity stones. That is really all I am going to say in regards to plot. As I am frightened I may spoil the movie for some people if I say anymore.

If you thought Civil War had high stakes then you have no idea.

The Russo Brothers (Anthony and Joe) direct this cinematic masterpiece. With their naturalistic view of earth to their big budget intergalactic scenes. This film does not feel cheap or only made for profit, it is something which has had sweat, blood tears and passion put into it. This movie will be valued within the film industry for decades to come. The Russo brothers had the mammoth job of cramming in Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely's heart stopping, funny, emotional, action packed script into this film. It does not feel rushed, they have taken time to make sure every story arc featured is given the time it needs and deserves for the audience to be reintroduced to their much loved characters. DC had Nolan, Marvel has the Russo brothers, and in my opinion they have done a better job at making a superhero film.

There is a mammoth cast in this blockbuster. Josh Brolin as Thanos really is champagne casting. He gives a terrifying performance as the warrior conqueror, however, there is meaning, emotion and so much depth in this performance that he is by far the best villain in the MCU.


In regards to the Avengers and Guardians, we see them all affected by the devastation.
I am not going to do shoutouts as each actor and actress puts their all into making this film work. There are separate battles going on around the universe, however, the large ensemble of heroes have a fair share of screen time for each character. There is no underdevelopment, because of how these characters have been built up by Marvel, we value every character featured, so it raises the stakes when you see certain characters in danger. It's especially too much to handle with so much damage happening at once but all performed and directed perfectly. The feels will get you in this film. There’s no getting away from it.

This film is written and directed magnificently, to fit an in depth, complex story into one movie. The acting featured in this movie is very very impressive, the amount of character journeys we are taken on is insane! And there isn't one which we don't enjoy, especially Thanos' journey, he is Marvel's big bad ass villain that they have been longing for. This film hit all my geek feels and has became to me my current favourite film. 5/5 stars for me. Marvel haters gonna hate.