Will "Mamma Mia 2" Be Making Its Way to Broadway?


Let's be honest. When it was announced, did any of us have high hopes for Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again

I'll be the first to say I didn't. In fact, I remember posting on Facebook, "Who asked for this?!?!?!" and jeering its trailer during NBC's Jesus Christ Superstar Live! 

Not only was I not looking forward to this movie, but I also predicted it would fail. 

How wrong I was. 

Not only is the sequel to the 2008 movie musical grossing better at this point than its predecessor, but it's garnering more critical praise as well. The first movie registered 54% on RottenTomatoes with the sequel now sitting on 78%.

So given its success and the fact that the first movie is based on the stage musical - will that mean that we might see a stage version of Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again?

According to Broadway insiders I've talked to, don't expect it anytime soon, but don't be surprised if it happens either. 

"The original is still one of the most popular musicals in the world," said one producer. "I could easily see theatre fans embracing the second go around."

I spoke to an individual, who has invested in shows in the past, if they would consider putting money into this. 

"From what I've seen so far with the sequel, it would be hard to say no, if that opportunity ever presented itself."

Sequels to musicals don't typically do well on Broadway. Bring Back Birdie was a bust. Annie Warbucks didn't even make it to a Broadway stage and neither has Love Never Dies, the sequel The Phantom of the Opera. 

Many have said that the issue with creating sequels to musicals, is that its hard for lightning to strike twice when it comes to songs. You're lying if you say there is a single song in Love Never Dies that's as good as any song in Phantom. 

But with Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again, it's different. You don't have to worry about writing new songs, you can just use different ABBA classics that weren't used in the first part. It makes the creative process all the easier and faster. Throw in a coherent storyline, updated choreography and you might have a commercial hit on your hands. 

So while I wouldn't bet on a Mamma Mia sequel making its way to a Broadway stage anytime soon, I also wouldn't count it out either.