Broadway stars are coming to Season 3 of "Broken At Love"

Broken At Love is centered around idealistic Vivienne “Vivie” Taylor, who gets the rare chance to meet her celebrity crush - professional tennis player Holden Gregory and her life is turned upside down as a result. What starts as a crush turns into much more with friends, family, and competing love interests further complicating things along the way. In Season 3, when Vivie ends up left with a broken heart, she heads to NYC for new beginnings and to make a web series about the guy who broke her heart. It’s Gilmore Girls meets Sex and the City. 

This seasons broadway guest stars include - Jersey Boys star Dominic Scaglione Jr (in a multiple episode storyline), 2x tony nominee Constantine Maroulis, and tony nominee Marcia Rodd. 

Check out Season 3 Teaser #2!

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The series is created by USC grad Karolina Sivas - who writes, produces, stars in, directs... does it all for the series. It’s her passion project inspired by her own life. 

Pictured: Dominic Scaglione Jr as Jameson Douglas and Karolina Sivas as Vivienne Taylor in Season 3 of “Broken At Love.”