"Lulu the Broadway Mouse" a Delightful Read

Brittany Strelluf

  • Contributing Literary Critic

Lulu the Broadway Mouse is the fantastic debut novel of stage and television actress Jenna Gavigan.  Jenna Gavigan made her Broadway debut as a teenager opposite of legend Bernadette Peters in Gypsy. You can visit her on her website. As someone who likes theatre, reading, and animals, I was so thrilled to receive a copy of Lulu for review, especially since this was such a fun book to read.


 Lulu is a little mouse with big dreams.  She lives in the Shubert Theatre and absolutely adores everything about the performing arts. She wants nothing more than to be on the stage herself. “I’d be a rock if it meant being on Broadway.” Lulu says dreamily at one point.  Lulu and her family are friends with the cast and crew and help out backstage. Lulu befriends a new actress named Jayne, and together they share their Broadway journey; complete with mean girl starlets, warm supporting crew, stage fright and much more.

This book is an absolute delight to read.  The idea itself is certainly reminiscent of classic stories like Stuart Little, The Borrowers, The Rescuers, and Ratatouille, however, Lulu the Broadway Mouse is its own modern, fast-paced blend of sass, humor, and wit.  Through this humor, the author writes a love letter to Broadway.  This is a true reflection of ‘write what you know’ as the author is a seasoned professional actress and her narrative shines with hilarious anecdotes, fun characters, and wisdom that are all so relatable to anyone with stage experience. 

After reading this charming middle school book, and smiling all the way through, I can absolutely recommend Lulu the Broadway Mouse by Jenna Gavigan to audiences of all ages.  Lulu the Broadway Mouse is available now on both paperback and ebooks.