2018 Tony Awards Running Diary!

Chrome 72nd annual 2018 horiz_preview.jpeg

8:01 - Neither Josh or Sarah have won anything?!?!?! How is that possible? 

8:03 - "If you make art at all, you're part of the cure", quote of the night so far. 

8:04 - Solid overall opening number, didn't elict a standing O, but good overall. Very Sara Bareilles - ish song. 

8:06 - Andrew Garfield right off the bat! Heartfelt and rehearsed acceptance speech. 

8:08 - Tina Fey for the win. "Only of these nominees, paid for my boat"

8:12 - I won't lie, I was hoping for Apex Predator for Mean Girls. "Where Do You Belong?" is good but not the showstopper of the show. 

8:15 - Solid first block of the show. Felt a bit rushed but we're off and running. Surprised that Best Actor in a play led off, me thinks that means Nathan Lane is winning later on. 

8:16 - I don't think anyone would blame him if Denzel Washington left Radio City early. 

8:22 - Laurie Metcalf for the win! What a year she's had. Back to back Tonys! Last year's Tonys were on June 11th, which means she's won 2 Tonys in one calendar year! 

8:25 - Kind of feeling the medley performance for My Fair Lady rather than just one number. 

8:33 - Harry Potter off to a Tony lead with 2 wins earlier tonight for Costume and Scenic design for a play. 

8:37 - Tituss Burgess host for 2019...just saying. 

8:39 - Lindsay Mendez for the win! Somewhere Audra McDonald is smiling. What a great speech too. 

8:45 - Who doesn't love tap dance? Definitely was feeling the Spongebob number.

8:52 - I'm starting to feel these Josh and Sara musical numbers less and yes.

8:53 - Tha Band's Visit with a Best Book upset!! Was totally expecting a Tina Fey win. 

8:55 - Any other year and David Morse would be up on that stage but Lane deserves this one. Beautiful speech too. 

9:00 - Blow High Blow Low? Really? That was the number they decided on?

9:07 - The Band's Visit is in the lead for tonight with 3 wins thus far. More will come I'm sure. 

9:11 - Ari'el Stachel for the win! So much deserved. If you haven't seen his performance, please do. 

9:18 - Beautiful performance tonight from the kids at Marjory Stoneman. Way to bring it. 

9:24 - Okay, now Josh and Sara are working way too hard tonight. 

9:25 - Did Claire Danes sprint to the stage? 

9:27 - Amy Schumer, which one of these things doesn't belong. 

9:30 - I'll say it from now until the end of time, Patti Murin deserved a nomination. Otherwise, it was an okay performance. Nothing memorable. 

9:41 - Okay, this Chita Rivera/Llloyd Webber medley is more annoying than entertaining. 

9:44 - David Cromer wins for Best Direction of a musical for The Band's Visit, if it loses Best Musical at this point, it will be a total shock. 

9:47 - Surprised John Tiffany won for Best Direction of play. With the way the evening was shaping, I thought Marianne Elliott would have taken it home. 

9:49 - In some alternate universe, Marianne Elliott is giving an incredible acceptance speech and not John Tiffany singing happy birthday to his boyfriend.

9:55- Jan Maxwell, it still hurts. 

10:00 - Wait Summer is getting a performance?!?!? Any other non-nominated shows want to jump on stage? Escape to Margaritaville?

10:06 - Play off fail Mr. Potter. 

10:11 - Once on this Island is the performance of the night. Just a reminder, Alex Newell was not nominated for a Tony. 

10:19 - Angels in America takes home Best Revival, no surprise but much deserved. I thought Three Tall Women would pull out an upset. 

10:23 - Katrina Lenk's performance in The Band's Visit is one of the best by an actress on Broadway in the 21st Century. I seriously mean that. 

10:30 - Either give Rachel Bloom more to do or don't have her back next year. 

10:35 - Censors were ready for Robert DeNiro! F*ck Trump. 

10:43 - This is the most Bruce Springsteen-ish Bruce Springsteen performance. 

10:44 - For anyone who thought The Boss was going to mail it in tonight, you don't know The Boss very well. 

11:00 - The Band's Visit wins and dominates the night. 9 in total.