Trump Supporter Attempts and Fails to Disrupt Performance of 'A Bronx Tale'


This morning it was reported that at last night's performance of A Bronx Tale, a man sitting near the front row, stood up and displayed a pro-Donald Trump sign towards the audience. 

The incident occurred during the curtain call of the show, which just seems pointless because the audience is already cheering the show.

A couple of people on Twitter were able to catch the act. 

35509519_10157509546738012_1051120531899678720_n (1).png

Obviously, this man's protest was in response to Robert De Niro's "F**k Trump" comments during the Tony Awards. Mr. De Niro directed the musical and its film source material. 

This is also reminiscent of last summer when Trump supporters disrupted performances of The Public Theater’s Julius Caesar.  

While the man was eventually led out of the theatre, many people noted that the response time by the house management staff was too slow. I've noted this in the past. We've seen too many instances where people have ran up on stage, thrown things from the balcony, plug their cellphones in the scenic design. 

With all due respect to the many volunteers, theatres need to beef up security. While this man was only holding a flag, it could have been a lot worse and with a slow response from the house management team, a lot could have happened. 

But regardless, this type of behavior doesn't surprise me at all. Apparently, this man thought he was making a point but all he did was buy a ticket to see a show, watch the show and then try to divert attention during a curtain call. Thanks for your money.

People can be upset with what Mr. De Niro said. I won't lie, I wasn't happy he did that either. But I'm smarter and classier with my response than this guy. Either way, thanks for your money.