Video Aims to Show What "West Side Story" Got Wrong About Puerto Ricans


For many, there is a lot to love about the West Side Story. But for others, especially Puerto Ricans, a lot of it is problematic. Much of the problems coming from how their and their culture are depicted in Oscar-winning film. 

With a Steven Spielberg-directed remake on the way, it's understandable to question if many of the stereotypes and inaccuracies of the original film will be corrected. And one Puerto Rican actress is taking it a step further with a parody video highlighting some of those issues. 

Suni Reyes posted a different take on the WSS song "America" with lyrics to show how Puerto Rico is being treated today, as well as some facts about the inaccuracies in the original film. 

For instance, she calls out some of the choreography from the film being "Flamenco" which originated in Spain, not Puerto Rico. 

Definitely some food for thought when considering how a West Side Story remake would be received today. 

Here is the video.