A Lively Game of Ambition

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  • Emily Kramer, Contributing Critic - Connecticut

It is no small feat to sit down and craft a full-length play and/or musical. The dedication and determination it takes for one to accomplish such a tedious task often requires years of experience both on and off the paper. Playwrights are a specific, unique breed that exquisitely mold language into effective and powerful dialogue. Their work is the foundation for the production. A heavy weight that many never dare to lend their shoulders to. However, at just sixteen year-old, Melody Rose, of Wilton, CT, took it upon herself to do just that.

Over the past 5 years, Rose, has taken it upon herself to write an entire book and score into an original work of art. A Deadly Game of Chess, is set in London in the 1930’s and follows Anton Lehrer, a German Jew; Cheryl Eitur, his fiancé; Robyn Sensecia, Anton’s childhood friend and an author; and Driscoll Arthur Andrews, Robyn’s brother.

In a one-night engagement, Melody Rose made her dream of staging her play come true with the help of local talent and businesses. The young playwright also stood as producer and Co-Director for this production along side Rachel-Marie Strazza. The cast was made up by Michelle Mason, Richard Eyler, Kaitlyn O’Shea, and Jon Paul Watts. Live in front of a full house at Fairfield Theatre Company, all proceeds of the production went to Circle of Friends of Connecticut.

The event produced as a charity event raised over a thousand dollars for the cause. Circle of Friends is a local non-profit based in Norwalk, CT, and provides an array of inclusive, innovative programming geared towards those living with special needs. The program is home to over 150 volunteers whose main goal is to foster relationships with their nearly 120 clients, through social experiences. For more information on how you can get involved, please visit www.circleoffriendsct.org

It was inspiring to see someone so young tackle and accomplish their dreams with such ambition. The play, while still has room to grow and evolve, was a solid base for Melody Rose’s future endeavors.