“It’s Possible...” Chatting with HARRY POTTER AND THE CURSED CHILD’s Jon Steiger!

  • Kevin Ray Johnson

It is so amazing what can happen to you when you have the right attitude and never stop believing in yourself. Being someone who has seen a lot of people who give up, it is so rewarding when you come across people who don't give up and you see their hard work pay off!

I would like you to meet Jon Steiger. Jon will be playing Scorpius Malfoy in San Francisco’s upcoming production of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. What makes this man’s story so amazing because he was an usher at The Lyric Theatre (where Harry Potter is playing on Broadway) for well over a year as well as a tour guide at The Hudson Theatre. A show he got to watched 8 times a week on Broadway he now gets to perform in on the West Coast in San Francisco! Seriously how cool is that?

I also had the chance to work with Jon in a play I wrote titled The Unpredictable Times where he played the role of Carl in the industry reading that was presented at The Hudson Theatre’s Dress Circle Lounge. Jon Steiger is an amazing person who truly deserves all the amazing things coming his way and I honestly couldn’t have been happier to have the chance to interview this amazing, talented actor!  

How old were you when you knew you wanted to be a performer? 

I was a sprightly 11 years old. It was mandatory to take theatre arts in 5th grade, which I was actually dreading, but ended up making it my life. 

Where did you study? Are there any mentors that truly helped make you the performer you are today? 

I studied acting at The American Academy of Dramatic Arts (AADA) in New York City. There are so many people who mentored me in my life. I do have to give specific shout outs to KC Scarborough (my teacher from 7th-12th grade. She’s been a part of this journey for so long!), and Edward Daranyi (who is a truly brilliant and wonderful man and teacher). And of course, mom and dad! 

Jon Steiger.jpg

Congratulations on being cast in Harry Potter and the Cursed Child in San Francisco! What are you most excited for about this show and the journey you will take with it? 

Thank you! I still can’t believe this is happening. Honestly, I’m just excited to get started on the work. This show has been a part of my life for so long now that I just want to jump in and see what happens. 

Are there any shows that you have done in your career that will always be near and dear to your heart? 

That’s like asking me to pick my favorite child… but definitely “The Little Dog Laughed”, “Robin Hood: The Musical”, the tour of “Skippyjon Jones; Snow What?!”, and “Two Gentlemen of Verona”. These stand out to me for many different reasons.  

What advice would you give young performers who want a career in this business? 

It’s possible… I loved your article on Sarita Nash (who’s with the New York company of HPCC), because she and I have very similar stories. And if we’re proof of anything, it’s that it is possible. And if you can do anything other than acting, DO IT! But if this brings you true happiness, not just a temporary high, but pure joy… than you’re screwed, because you won’t be able to do anything else. 

To learn more about Jon make sure you visit his official website at www.jonsteigeractor.com and to learn more about Harry Potter and the Cursed Child in San Francisco please visit - www.harrypottertheplay.com/san-francisco/